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Pile O' Dirt

I do love the magic of composting. I really like these pictures too! Though I can understand if you like the calendula flower post better.

This is my handful of finished compost, and the pile of new, not-yet compost. Under the wood chips are grass clippings, animal manure, weeds, and more wood chips. We covered this mixed up pile with wood chips to keep the moisture in. And boy is it working! It's about 140 degrees in the center of the pile. And probably close to 80 near the surface.
The logs give the pile some air pockets.
Over time, and with the help of some bugs, fungi, heat, air and microbes, all the material breaks down. The pile gets smaller. We can see it shrinking even over two weeks. In one year, this will be a smaller pile of dark dirt we call Black Gold. We will spread it on the rows of the garden where all the new plants will go, and we will spread it around the berry bushes and pear trees.
It's all about the soil!
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