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Ordering Seeds

I love ordering seeds! Very exciting! Can't wait until they come in!

Robin's Koginut Squash!
Plum Tomato!
Sun Gold Tomato!
Sweet Prince Tomato!
Blush Tomato!

Serrano Pepper!
Poblano Pepper!
Hot Paper Lantern Habanero Pepper!
Ausilio Thin Skin Italian Pepper!
Paprika Pepper!
Fatalli Pepper!

Long Cayenne Pepper!

Basil Prospera!
Isle of Naxos Basil!
Thai Basil!
Green Leaf Tulsi Basil!
Huacatay (Black Mint) Herb!

I added the exclamation point !! after each one because I'm that excited about all this potential!

And, I'm happy to say, we were able to get the koginut squash, sweet prince, lodi squash, and northern pea from Row 7 Seeds, a wonderful new(ish) seed company which shares many of the values we have for the farm!

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