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Nettle Soup

This picture looks like a bunch of weeds. It is. It happens to be a large patch of wild plants with a ton of stinging nettle. Nettle is edible. It also stings! Why would you eat something that stings the skin? Well, when you boil it, the stinging goes away. You very carefully pick and wash the leaf, then put a bunch of leaves in boiling water and that gets you 'tea' (really it's an infusion). Or you can add other good stuff to boiled nettle to make the dish called Nettle Soup. I don't know if any of the health claims are true, but there are plenty. I have zero interest in eating it, though the antioxidants and medicinal properties would probably help me be less reactive to bug bites and skin irritants. That would be quite useful since I'm in the bug's world so much these days! But I often need to pick it out of garden beds and it almost always gets my skin despite my cover up efforts, so I do not feel very drawn to dealing with it (harvesting, cleaning, cooking it) more than I have to.

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