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A What? A Turkey Egg?

I can't believe it didn't break from our shovels and the tractor bucket and it's travels, but somehow a turkey egg came to our garden in a load of compost. It wasn't warm, so it's probably not viable (turkey's sit on their eggs full time until they hatch). But it's oddly heavy, so could there be more than a yolk inside? It's larger than a chicken egg. And it's speckled. And we do have wild turkeys in the area. Was this egg stolen by a rascal and then hidden in the loose soft compost pile? Or was it left by a turkey as a decoy/false nest? It is spring and those funny turkeys are out and laying. I am curious what's inside. But I don't really want to open it. Even if it was a rich yellow yolk inside, I don't think it would be a good idea for anyone to eat it not knowing how long it's been out. And if there's more than a yolk inside, I would not actually want to see that. So, I have decided to bury it and put it back into the cycle of life.

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