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The Regenerative Farm at the Winthrop Estate
Cabbage Leaves

Our goal in creating a regenerative farm is to produce organic, nutritious, tasty items using practices that restore the land and support native plants and pollinators while respectfully adding to the majesty of the existing Winthrop Estate.  We hope to attract farm supporters who share these interests. 

Picking Cauliflower

First Season, 2022: 

-   Our goal is to plant approximately one acre with vegetables, herbs, fruits, cover crops and flowers.  We will create a seed room with grow lights to start the season early.  We will fence in some of the planting area.  We will create some planting area in a space that has trees.   We will plant pollinator attractors. 

Second Season, 2023, possibilities: 

-  Add a small cabin for the farmer’s living space. 

-  Add a modest greenhouse.  

- Add a farmhouse that could include produce washing/prep area, fungi growing area, herb drying area, produce storage, equipment and tool storage.  

Seeking Farmer (posted February 2022)

We are seeking a farmer who is collaborative, creative, and self-motivated who has the desire and skills to grow this Farm.  The farmer should have at least three years experience growing a variety of New England produce using regenerative farming practices.   The farmer's desire to contribute to farm programming and woods management would be a plus.


The area for cultivation has access to nearby water, power and a road.  Some tools and equipment are available for use. Some capital will be invested into the farm (infrastructure, equipment, greenhouse, etc.). The Farmer will also manage the woods that include mountain biking trails, walking trails, maples to tap, and potential mushroom logs.


Overview of the Job for 2022

•Prepare approximately 1 acre of land for production. Manage the Farm Enterprise (planting, growing, harvesting, processing, marketing and selling core crops).  

•Landscape and property care for existing garden beds and lawn, woods, farm buildings, and driveway.  

•Manage the production of a small greenhouse, once it is ready (# of hr/wk tbd, off season, starting in 2023). 

•Off season additional hours could include farm business development, building beds, fences, greenhouse and building the farm community which could include offering classes, hosting educational programs, etc. 

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