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We grew peppers from seed this year. We put them in tiny paper cups with soil and water, then sat them under grow lights, then after a few weeks, hardened them off over a week or so, taking the trays of them outside during the day. We touched them and talked to them.

On Tuesday we put out these lovely little plants, 2 rows of them, into the garden. They went into the upper garden, the one with the fantastic rabbit fence.
On Friday a whole bunch of them looked like this!!
After a short investigation, we found the culprits. All 500 of them. The slimy little slugs were crawling around everywhere. We didn't see them a week ago, but then again, maybe they were hiding. At least they didn't get all of our peppers yet! We brought out our diatomaceous earth and poured it all over. It's a natural product that looks like shards of glass under a microscope and is often used to get rid of slugs who don't like to walk on it as it cuts them. It looks like white powder to me. We also placed some small cups full of beer in the pepper rows. Sometimes slugs like beer and they will crawl into the cups and drink (and then drown).

So, no rabbits yet, just an army of tiny slugs. Stay tuned.
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