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This plant grows very well around here. It tastes like a sharp sesame flavor. You may have had it in Asian cooking, maybe raw on sushi or chiffonade style on rice. It spreads by casting seeds in the wind so this year it came up in a bed next to a raised bed where I had it last year (in addition to where it was least year). So be careful if you plant it because you may end up with too much soon. It has the same flavor whether the leaf is green or purple. We also have a curly edge variety. Early in the season it's less fibrous, and now you have to pick the smaller, newer leaves to avoid a mouthful of strings. It can be an annual ornamental plant in gardens too because it's quite pretty. It has a darker color top and a lighter color on the bottom of each leaf and the leaves are light weight so often flutter in the wind. This bowlful will go into the dehydrator to be saved for winter to be crumbled on warm dishes when it's cold out.

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