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Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Last year when I grew celery, I told my husband that if he ever juices my celery, I'm gonna give up. Juicing is basically taking the water content out of the food (and with it comes flavor and color and tons of vitamins and minerals) and throwing away all the fiber. By volume, you toss more than half the plant (80% maybe) into the compost. Putting that much effort into growing something only to have all the fiber (the body of it) thrown away feels like such a waste. Last year we ate almost everything that came out of the garden, and whether it tasted good or not I said "Yum, isn't this awesome!?"

This year I admitted our celery does not taste awesome. It tastes very strong, like it's got a lot of antioxidants from protecting itself for harm. That means it's good for us and we get a lot of cancer-fighting antioxidants from plants like these, but taste? It's not a taste I like. My celery is dark green, leggy, and has a lot of leaf compared to stem. So, rather than try to eat it by drowning it in dressing, and then spit out the fibrous stings with a sneer, I decided to go ahead and juice it. The celery juice, cut with some apple and lemon, was AMAZING.

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