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Updated: Oct 15, 2022

A tray of cayenne peppers, and one sweet pepper. We could leave these out until they get red, or let them turn red off the plant. Either way, they are super strong and flavorful peppers. I will ferment them and turn them into hot sauce. It will give a serious punch to all my beans and rice this winter. It's hard to taste these, though I know a good cook should always taste the sauce.
These are lantern peppers. And one cherry tomato. Getting read to make a fermented hot sauce with them.
These big ones are ancho peppers, and the small ones are Serrano. Most of the anchos will be roasted and then frozen so we can eat them in the winter. And the Serranos, they will, you guessed it, get fermented and turned into a hot sauce.
And this is black mint, or huacatay mint. I like the flavor but have not incorporated it into our normal cooking, so I think I will end up drying most of it so we can use it throughout the year. We got a seed packet of 15 I think, and now we have about 8 towering huge plants. We will harvest this black mint a few more times this year.

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